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“About 570,000 people die annually due to drug use. That breaks down to about 440,000 from disease related to tobacco, 85,000 due to alcohol, 20,000 due to illicit (illegal) drugs, and 20,000 due to prescription drug abuse.”


Are You Tired of Facing Difficult Consequences?

It is not unusual to hear an addict say that the choices that shaped the life they have today were all too easy to make. It's also not unusual to hear them say that the long-term consequences they face as a result of their addiction are often too hard to bear. Most people who are caught up by the terrible whirlwind of drug addiction end up facing consequences they did not foresee and never would have chosen for themselves. Unfortunately for some addicts, those consequences can include death. Others may lose years of their lives to emotional, psychological and physical dependencies as they struggle with addiction.

Because those with addictions come in all shapes, sizes, races, and from all socioeconomic backgrounds, it is likely that whether you know it or not, you are either friends with or are related to someone that is dealing with an addiction. In fact, you may be suffering with an addiction yourself. Fortunately, the only one forcing you to remain addicted, is yourself and the false belief that you have to conquer your addiction on your own.

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You Are Not Alone

Like the recovering addicts in the stories below, if you are tired of the hardships and estrangement that addiction brings, you can find courage, strength, and support as you seek for help. This is possible when you come to the realization that healthy choices, like the choice to ask for help, can and will allow you to create dramatic positive changes in your life and steer you toward a happier future and hope-filled recovery.

Real Drug Addicts Fighting Back

Full-time Junkie

It started with drinks before a night out, and it ended in a very small bathroom with a needle in my arm…. I lost my job and became a full-time junkie. I traded sex for money in order to get a fix. My life became very small and very scary, and I just let it happen.

Homeless and out of money, one day I was offered help and I said yes. The moment I accepted help my world changed. There were challenges... But the truth is the challenges in recovery are easier than anything I had to do when I was out there.

I am the man I want to be today. I have real relationships with people. I have the respect of people whom I respect, something I had lost. I have joined my family again. This is how I stay sober: I don't use drugs or alcohol, I have a program, I talk to sober people every day, I tell the truth and I try to show up for others.

- Raja, 20
No Shoes

On June 15, 1998, I entered a rehab facility. I was 18 years old, confused and abusing drugs. Alcohol was my drug of choice but I smoked pot , popped pills, used acid, crack, cocaine -- whatever I could get my hands on. It wasn’t about a particular drug. I just wanted to escape, get away from being me, so to speak.

I started drinking when I was 14…. Treatment was the only option I had left before I killed myself from using drugs. I used drugs from the time I got up in the morning until I fell asleep, whatever time that was….

When I earned the title of graduate from the rehab facility, it was arguably the proudest moment of my life. I was given this honor because I demonstrated that I could live a better life without drugs and that this accomplishment would lead to many more positive milestones in my life going forward if I remained sober. I found hope in sobriety….

- Alison, 20

Does Addiction Therapy Work?

According to, about 23.5 million Americans are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately, only 11 percent of those 23.5 million receive treatment. strongly advocates the use of therapy in drug addiction recovery, “According to research that tracks individuals in treatment over extended periods, most people who get into and remain in treatment stop using drugs, decrease their criminal activity, and improve their occupational, social, and psychological functioning.” Stop the hurting and the struggles that accompany your addiction. Courage, change, and recovery are possible. Get the help you need now.

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