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Why Do Some People Become Addicted and Others Do Not?


Addiction can be found in every socio-economic group, culture, race, age, and gender. To know what makes someone more likely to become an addict, research and case studies show that we should look to the physiological and genetic makeup of individuals, as well as the experiences they have had. In addition to shedding light on the how and why behind when people become addicted, this information can also be extremely useful to clinical and medical professionals as they aid in developing and improving the treatment programs and support groups meant to fight addiction. Furthermore, if understood, this knowledge can create hope, offer the ability to truly empathize with addicts and their loved ones, and teach us how to possibly avoid or at least diminish potential addictions in ourselves, our family members, and others we love and cherish.



GENETICS CONTRIBUTE... Addiction and genetics

... to the risk of addiction.

Anyone can be addicted OF THE 30,000 GENES IN THE BODY

89 genes link a person to drug abuse and dependence.


Alchol addiction statistics

more likely to get drunk in a typical month.

Marijuana addiction statistics

more likely to have used marijuana.

Smoking addiction statistics

more likely to have smoked cigarettes.

Addiction information A CHILD OF A

is eight times more likely to develop a drug or alcohol abuse problem.